Simply put, the trend died for the POD because it was introduced at th wrong time. It did not have full length boost, and bulky shoes were in. Its pretty simple. It sucks, but I wish to see more streamlined, slim fit sneakers into adidas original’s line up. Minimal futurism at it’s best is what attracted me to adidas. Even towards the sleek ninja style is lost from what adidas originals use to design.

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Neek – lost (sakiho sample challenge)

bRyZone_ybp – Railworks (Interlude)

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500 Miles Test: Why has adidas P.O.D died? Is Adidas slowly losing it’s sleek ninja style?
500 Miles Test: Why has adidas P.O.D died? Is Adidas slowly losing it’s sleek ninja style?
500 Miles Test: Why has adidas P.O.D died? Is Adidas slowly losing it’s sleek ninja style?
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  1. Make a review between sense version (as in sensebounce or senseboost) and pure version as in pureboost or purebounce. Was it only marketing or there was tech in it? I heard that sensebounce made from organic algae..

  2. I bought these shoes online. They are way too soft for me to wear. I went out and bought a new pair of Nike Air max. You can't beat Nike Air max!

  3. Hey just need a quick advice…

    I'm getting puma ignite evoknit for 50$ and ultraboost st for 100$…

    Which one I should invest in, plz reply

  4. I personally liked the look and design of the POD but I really think it woulda been better if the front was boost too. My problem with it was overtime was my front foot hurts after walking for awhile, they shoulda updated it and made it better because it had potential.

  5. i have tried the PODs and sadly I hate the odd feeling where my heel is constantly slipping upwards when I am just walking. It felt comfortable but felt the lockdown is tremendously lacking. Went for typical ultraboost in the end

  6. I think the POD is dead because Adidas never really followed up the release pair with equally interesting colorways. They just released one boring colorway after another. It's like Adidas lost interest in their product immediately.

  7. I bought these for curiosity, but for being honest is not a big deal, I expected more. Not so bad, but nothing spectacular, my particular opinion.

  8. 👍So Reebok is going back to their cool old logo, not that stupid ass Triangle "delta" crossfit garbage????👍

  9. Adidas is still and will always be the father of the sleek ninja style. Yeezys, UBs etc. trends come and go, dad shoes will be cool for a couple years then back to sleek sneaks

  10. The PODs DO have a bulky silhouette. I wipe my pair regularly and so far have no problems with them after about 15 wears.

  11. I never gave the POD a shot because it didn't have a full length boost. I'm not the biggest fan of chunky dad shoes, but I've really been enjoying the EQT 91/18. There's hella boost in there, and is probably one of the most slept on boost models. I'm also interested in trying new the Sobakov with boost!

  12. I'm pretty sure that OG version of the PODs that you have (and most other sneaker reviewers have) is quite different from the normal PODs. I've had multiple pairs of different colorways of the PODs and these things are HUGE. A size 7.5 POD is BIGGER than my size 8 Ultra boosts. They also have disgusting heel slip. My heel slips horribly even after going down a FULL SIZE. I really wanted to like these shoes, but the heel slip was ridiculous. If you look at the structural shape of the OG version of the PODs or the older stock of the colorways, they have a much stronger heel counter to keep your heel locked in, while the normal retail PODs these days have almost a straight heel section that doesn't hold your heel in at all.

  13. POD is nice, but Nike's Airmax 270 which I believe are competitors against one another is so much better. I love the Streetwear aesthetics the 270 give me. POD on the other hand looks like a shoe that doesnt stand out

  14. I got them and i think they are way more comfy than the NMD R1. Especially for wide feets. Adidas should have replace not just the back side but also the front side with boost that would made the shoes better but personally i don't care if this shoes aren't "hyped" or a "huge succes". Because now you can get a pair of them for cheap money (50€ – 80€) and not everyone is running around with these kickz like a few years ago when the NMD/UltraBoost came out😏

  15. The P.O.D is a great shoe and is twice as more comfortable as NMD, but I think the issue is that the POD has been around for more than a year now so what Adidas should do I'd ditch the dad show, and make a direct sequel to the shoe


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