Acer V Nitro Black Edition (2017) *UPDATE* – Does it Overheat?

Here’s my update to my original review of the Acer V Nitro 2017 Black Edition (VN7-593G-73KV). In my original review, the V Nitro had heating issues and problems with the display. I said I would get another review unit to see if the problem still persisted. Watch for the full update!

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Acer V Nitro Black Edition Review:

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20 thoughts

  • Mine was hitting 97° during a 3Dmark run.. often, loading a basic program like outlook or excel would make the fans spin hard for a couple of seconds because the CPU just peaks briefly..

    I took it apart and cleaned the chips and cooler, used some Arctic MX4 paste on it.
    Now the highest temp i got was from using Powermax, where it goes just above 90°.
    During gaming, or 3DMark, i never went past 78°C, and the fans barely spin anymore.

    So yea.. a really good laptop, ruined by cheap thermal paste 🙂

  • Solution for every owner of this laptop, honeys: The Thermalpaste that comes out of the box is done very poorly. All you have to do is change it. (Refresh) I highly recommend liquid metall.

  • wow everyone. I don't know what happened. One year ago I had my laptop repasted by acer. I gave them an nh-t1 thermal paste. ther results were ok. but still i had to turn turbo boost off on my laptop, cause it pushed temps upt beyond 90. Yesterday, after one year, I went to acer again. they cleaned my laptop and repaste it with nh t1 again. And look at this. Now I can leave turbo boost on, and the temps i ac odyssey reaches a peak around 75 degrees!!! I can't believe my eyes.

    I think year ago they mixed things up, since I went there with my coworker who had the thermal paste and his laptop. So they may have thought only he wants that thermal paste…. Now i can play games with turbo boosted cpu, which means + 6 – 10 fps even in ac odyssey. Now with deecnt settings my i5 7300 HQ can run above 30 in cities and 40-50is outside cities with some ultra settings some high and some low or off.

  • Mine's CPU was hitting 100 degrees Celsius while gaming.
    Did an amateur repaste removing the old thermal paste with methanol (did not have isopropyl alchohol), applied Noctua's NT-H1 thermal paste.
    Temps dropped to 83 degrees Celsius while gaming…

  • Wow, I was so close to buying that laptop when the salesperson suggested this as being the best price to performance ratio laptop they had.

    Luckily, I stuck with what I wanted and went for a ASUS FX instead with a less powerful CPU and GPU combo for a bit cheaper.
    That thing doesn't thermal throttle and never hits above 73 degrees with the i5 Quad and GTX at 95-100% loads.
    I am sure this Acer, with its thermal issues would have offered way less performance.

  • Doesn't Acer's coolboost technology help? I think we have to go into their acer centre program and enable it?
    I have an the older version with 960M and it's fine on temperature. HDD is painfully slow at 5400 though.

  • It looks nice, its very good but temperatures are just fuckin bonkers and there is no other words to explain it. I've changed the thermal paste on cpu and gpu, undervolted it and…I can still fry eggs on the space above keyboard. Temps are over 90C when gaming. This is just fuckin retarded. No thermal throttling though so I kinda live with that issue for almost a year now and I still love this laptop but acer should be ashamed of the engineering that went into the cooling system in that laptop.

  • Maybe I should make a main post here if no one minds.
    After 6 months fight and struggle I could push my cpu and gpu temps to 70 – 75, and 73 – 78.

    1. Undervolt your cpu with throttlestop
    2. buy an nh t1 coolant paste and repaste or ask acer to repaste it if you have warranty on your laptop.
    3. get a con gizmo fc6 cooling pad.
    4. optionally turn off turbo boost on your cpu. I played far cry 4 on turbo boost but im not sure if it kicked in. The temps were the ones mentioned above. MAybe with the latest games the temps with turbo boost may rise higher, I still have to test it out.
    5 use notebook fan control or rw read and write to boost your fans. Yes some people say it may deteriorate your fans but please tell me is which is cheaper to replace your fans or a whole laptop. Also I only ramp them up when I am playing a game.
    6. Use your notebook in a cool room. Room temps should be about 25 degrees.

    Alse, currently im not setting my Voltage curve in msi afterburner yet my temps are now in the safe zone. So I think this laptop is not overheating. The problem is, the producer company doesn't include a manual how to get the temps lower.

    If you have questions how you need to take these steps let me know I will tell you.

  • I Just want to say acer warranty support is the worst! This is a long story, but dammit I'm pissed off and want to vent about this horrible experience with this company and laptop in the video. I am a technician myself but unlicensed atm. This computer was under warranty still and I didn't wanna do something to void it so I talked to them personally, and told them exactly what it was doing, which was lag spiking so bad I couldn't even play oblivion on a gtx 1060 without lag on low settings. I explained this all to them, sent computer in watched as the status stayed at only received for 3 weeks. then I finally see under repair and here I am excited. after a day of repair it was shipped back to me, 3 weeks of wait for 1 day of repair, btw I had to pay 50 bucks to even send it to them. I get it back after a month of waiting, power it up, and they had done absolutely nothing to it!!! Nothing!!! Seriously didn't even look inside of it!!! I ran firestrike got a score of 4000 on a gtx 1060 and 1200 on Time spy. that's not right, so I took matters in my own hands. I opened it up and the first thing I noticed is the heat sync pads on the Cooler wasn't pressing down on the gpu ram modules. Upon closer inspection there was a standoff popped off the motherboard and it wasn't pressing the heat pads down on the ram modules. Then after taking the whole cpu/gpu Thermal Cooler off I looked and there was literally no Thermal paste…None!!. So I soldered the standoff into place on the motherboard added Thermal compound and was able to get everything nice and tightened down. turned it on and boom 10297 on firestrike, and 4200 on Time Spy. I looked at the invoice and they put down as Diagnosis " Customer says laptop is getting hotter then it should" and under repair they put " Don't cover Heat vents on bottom of laptop will cause overheating problems" case close computer fixed. lol they actually blamed it on the assumption of my stupidity not to mention I use a cooler master NotePal…

  • Yep, I got one. It overheats, the back of the computer is too hot to touch during gaming, and my screen faulted about 7 months into owning it, and they denied warranty repair because of superficial damage to the case and tried to charge me $500 to repair it. I can get a replacement for $60. Acer are crooks, buy something else.

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