In This Video I’ll Be Doing A Review On The Adidas Stan Smith Leather Sock. This Is Not Your Typical Stan Smiths, This Pair Of Stan Smiths Are Made From Premium Raw Leather.



  1. How come it looks whiter in your video? I saw one from a sneaker shop, it didn't look too white, it kinda looked like cream white/ off white-ish and it kinda threw me off on coping on one of those. The sole looks yellowish as well when i saw it in the store. But it looks so white and so clean in your video. I'm kinda confused. Are there two versions of lea socks stansmith white?

  2. I’d love to win this pair as I’ve been looking for a white leather sneaker and found this pair by Adidas perfect for me but I can’t find it anymore in the market 🙁

  3. Love your review as I’ve been looking to get this for myself and comparing it with the original Stan Smith and also Common Projects (which is far too overprice). My feet size also happen to be UK8, US8.5 so hopefully I’m lucky enough to win your giveaway and rock these leather sneakers!

  4. Hey man I’m size 8 us men and I luv ur vid. Yh dude keep it up. Subscribed and post notifications turned on
    Just a thing tho. Always make sure that your background music is a little quieter when u talk

  5. Damn I wish I was your size we could have traded for one of my Kurt sneaker I have 2 pairs also. Great video bro!


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