This is the adidas swift run it’s a running inspired lifestyle sneaker.

This july 27, 2017 is the official release of the adidas swift run prime knit, with four different colorways. The black and white are for men while the mint green and pink is for women.

The swift run is one of the most minimal sneaker that you can buy that offers great stability and comfort.

To start the review, it looks like the nike free run model. That has a core black color with a multicolour twist. The sock like structure is good , the toe box area is wide while the midfoot level is tight. If you’re interested of buying one, I recommend to go true to size.

Moving on,The rubber outsole gives you enough support and stability.However, the traction and rubber material is poor.

Yes, you can definitely use this for running. It’s lightweight, stable and gives you enough support in each landing. But then again, this is a lifestyle sneaker.

In my honest opinion, It’s a good minimal sneaker but not the best, I’d say they should make the rubber outsole more flexible and premium.

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  1. One of the underrated sneaker, for me its one of the best good looking sneaker, I really like the sleek and minimalistic look of it, I would pick this over nmd or iniki. If they just add boost or bounce tech, This would be probably sold out

  2. I actually have the exact nike flyknit free rn and have used them extensivley for running. I'm very interested in these especially due to how they resemble the nikes. Would these be a good replacement for running? Or do you have any other recommendations for adidas that look like these for running?

  3. What criteria do you use to consider them a "lifestyle" sneaker? What differentiates them from a running shoe? Why do they call this Adidas Swift RUN…. vs WALK? They look and feel like running shoes no?

  4. Dope video bro! If you dont mind me asking, what was the song called during the cinematics for the shoe! Thanks bro


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