Celebrating the heritage and culture of varsity sport through our latest
creation, the VRCT jacket, featuring our 5 key adidas creators; James Harden, Denise Schindler, Mette Towley, Ning Zetao, Paulo Dybala.

It’s a way to show everyone what you stand for through a removable and customizable patch that can do all the talking for you.

Explore VRCT:



  1. Dear Adidas,

    Recently I purchased shoes from shop.adidas.co.in on 17-oct-2019. Within 2.5 months, the product ripped away. I requested replacement but my issue not get resolved from your side. To get information about my issue I called you on 18001203300 many times but didn't get any proper explanation. Such kind of service is not what I expected from Adidas.

    The product ID is 320731430, Please resolve the issue.



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