adidas ZX 8000 OG (2019)
closer look by cody templet

codytemplet Channel Update



adidas ZX 8000
light aqua / sand
retail price: $140
release date: 16 november 2019


edited by jaklap

#sneakers #adidasZX8000 #ZX8000


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  1. it a actually has boost inside and it has real stability elements compared to the last version from 2013, 2009, etc…

  2. in a YouTube video from the German sneaker store 43einhalb u can see, that there is actually boost in the midsole, not eva

  3. Thank you for posting again. I’m feelin the new format.

    Always know your vids are quality. Happy new year 🏄‍♂️

  4. Glad you finally back you been teasing us that been rocking with from the beginning. Fire pickup. Great review.

  5. these are being released again in a few days, the ones you have are the consortium version in which they intentionally muted the colours to look like a faded original from 1989, the new ones are a lot brighter like they normally look.

  6. Glad that ya back full kicks ahead. How about outdoor on feet as opposed to indoor like you used to? I feel the lighting outdoor should portray a closer true to color than indoors.

  7. Welcome back! Video quality and content on point as always. Any chance we get a review on some of your Noah products by chance?


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