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In this tutorial , we will add Search Shipper in Shipper Management

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  1. EDIT : I have solved the crashing problem but the adapter stil resets and does not open done services activity.

    Sir Can you help me with BarberShop project , this is my error :

    When a user makes booking , In staff project the staff selects the timeslot of user and finishes the booking everything is fine.

    The second time that user makes booking , in staff app when I select the time slot of user it doesn´t open open doneservicesactivity it resets the adapter every time until I close the app and open it again or it just crashes. Why is that?

    Here is a video of the error :

  2. Hello EDMT. I have a question. Will you make an order details page? When receiving orders from the user side?

  3. Hello. I change my database like this
    "Restaurant": {
    "01" : {
    "name" : "restaurant1",
    "image" : "url_image",

    But i use category list db used in this project.

    How can i make when restaurant1 is clicked to open category in that restaurant pls help me bro thanks

  4. Hi bro. Please can you add stock availability for each item, which can be changed from firebase. It should show number of stock available and prevent users from placing an order if there is no stock and the limit is reached. Thank you in advance


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