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In this tutorial , i will show you show all order realtime in Shipper app

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  1. I have error when I'm extending FirebaseInstanceIdService …. What I do
    It says cannot resolve firebaseinstanceid service

  2. Anh cho em hỏi nếu mình muốn show tên shipper được chọn vào trong hóa đơn của side sever lẫn side khách hàng luôn thì làm ntn ạ. Anh cho em xin gợi ý được không ạ. Cám ơn anh rất nhiều ạ

  3. @EDMT Dev sir…

    My order list is not showing when we send order to shipper from server app.

    When i debug i found DatabaseReference shipperOrders is null in shipper app

    Kindly help me out in this

  4. Hello Sir
    If the shipper has many orders for example,
    How can I add the name of food to the details of order to know the user of the selected order and price if COD or show payment method to know how much the user will give to the shipper ?

  5. hello sir… error is whenever i send an order for shipping it is shown in the shippers order list but doesn't gives any notification in background…same problem with message and other notifications to client app also..please help me sir

  6. sir i have a question when i inserted a data in firebase data show in recycler end but i show on start how can we show new inserted data on the top of recyclerview

  7. please can you make a video how to make in app purchase remove ads ?… if someone want to remove ads must pay first

  8. Hi Sir, you save my life from dropping out with your previous tutorials haha. Thank you Sir!! By the way sir can you share this tutorial source code from part 1 upto this part? I really need it sir. Thank you so much!

  9. Sir , its u filter the list for the shipper which is opened and close , for eg. when we receive an email we see as unread but when we click view email it become read , same functionality use in your , so that server and the shipper would understand which one he has opened. Thank u

  10. Thanks but waiting for login signup with google, facebook , twitter etc features in this food order app


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