The British prime minister Boris Johnson has stressed that ‘there really is such a thing as society’ in a message released while self-isolating with Covid-19. The line is a direct contradiction of his Conservative predecessor Margaret Thatcher who said ‘there is no such thing as society’ in 1987 as an endorsement of pure individualism. In his latest video, Johnson revealed that 20,000 former NHS staff have returned to help in the fight against the coronavirus outbreak
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  1. Уважаемый Борис!

    Мы здесь, в Кремле, не верим ни одной из ваших типично британских, вдохновленных США, поддельных новостей.

    Много любви из КГБ.

    (Постскриптум Моя сестра Наташа говорит, что твоя прическа на швабре доставляет ей удовольствие.)

  2. Society, now that he himself is slightly at the mercy of those he has trampled on for the last few years… Shame too, because when he's not feeding the old-boy network and the already established, he actually seems like a sporting, involved individual, that means well

  3. Wasn't it Cameron that first talked about a 'Big Society' that would take up the slack of austerity and public service cuts. Once you've used the 'no society' argument to justify as much greed and exploitation as you can, you invoke the 'big society' argument to get people to take up the slack of the services you've decimated.

  4. This man is outrageous ,I defy anyone to find a record of Boris condemning Thatcher's comments on society or his party pursuit of austerity. I'd like think the virus has infected him with integrity but given time I'm sure he will find a vaccine to cure that.

  5. I actually think Thatcher would have been the best Prime Minister to get us through this, and I didn't agree with any of her policies.

    But she was intelligent, honest and true, stood by her guns, she was strong and she didn't suffer fools lightly.

  6. Hey boris you dont seem to have any symptoms of having the corona virus your not sweating or coughing persistantly you dont seem to nèed to take a breath whilst you blabber on
    Your surrounded by a film crew nice going on the social distancing by the way.

  7. Loooooooooooooool
    Gwarn bozza
    First you admit that there's a society, next you'll be ushering in the revoltion 🙂 welcome comrade!

  8. So it's only taken 33 years and over 1,000 deaths for the Tories to realise that a society is important, they're an intelligent and enlightened bunch!!!!

  9. So it's only taken 33 years and over 1,000 deaths for the Tories to realise that a society is important, they're an intelligent and enlightened bunch!!!!

  10. Hypocrite. It’s you and your policies and your non policies who have contributed to the difficulties we are facing. The NHS would be more effective now if not for your cuts to staff and cuts to beds. Even now you are still not supplying NHS staff with the protection they need to stay safe. You really are a hypocrite.

  11. Time to bring in universal basic income of a 1000 pounds a month then Boris. Show that there is a society, that we are all in this together and can equally participate.

  12. What about us? I work at Dixons Carphone distribution centre in Newark, we supply people with fridge freezers, laptops, mobile phones etc etc. Are we not important to mention at all??? It's a shame that no one talks about us at all….

  13. Society in quarantine is weird for me. I have talked more to people that I haven't seen in literal years than people that I see almost every week.


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