With both Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 specs out in the wild, let’s take a second to realize how much of the next generation of consoles is still unknown.

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  1. Meh… I consider myself a Gamer first and a Playstation "fanboy" second – both systems have done incredible feats that won't be apparent for most of you… That goes way beyond TfLoPs. I could list them here, but it'll be like pissing in the wind.

  2. And this is exactly what I'm talking about, there's no winner yet, we don't know anything about the PS5, like what would be able to do, so chill out, Microsoft did a mistake by putting everything immediately, Sony is waiting and taking their time in the console. Wait and choose!

  3. No we don't need to relax. You shut up. The new hardware in any new console is fun to read about and speculate about. Then when it comes out it will be interesting to see how they perform. It's interesting to look back on how older consoles attacked problems and failed or succeeded. All of this past present and future talk is engaging and nobody needs to get out of the conversation except idiots like you telling people to shut up. I've read very good and insightful comments from people criticizing either x or ps5. I've learned some things. If you can't stand to hear people's opinions just because the consoles aren't out, you may as well go away now. Gamers are going to talk about these consoles until they release and for years beyond that. Go back to reviewing push up bras or whatever garbage you're used to doing.

  4. The Xbox ui isn't bad at all (it also has more features than playstation 4 ui) just suffers from slow mechanical HDD speeds, that ssd will makes things sooooo much faster

  5. Teraflops only matter when comparing like architectures but they also don’t take into account amounts of ram and ram speeds as well as other components

  6. Power does not interest me. If the strength is everything, Nintendo has a weak hardware, but in return it issues interesting exclusives, and this is what interests me.

    So for me, of course, when the devices are released, I'll buy a Play 5. Especially we will see huge exclusives, which certainly do not have competitor Microsoft. The company screams and all that matters to the force is only to show off, while there are also important things to attract the players that the Game Pass service does not tell me? Bad service just for stuffing it with bad games and not at the required level. If Microsoft really succeeded, this generation wouldn't have offered the GamePass service and stuffed it with bad games.

    On the other hand, Sony this generation has exceled a lot and thanks to the price the device + strong exclusives Who will leave these games? uncharted 5 / horizon zero 2 / god of war
    spiderman 2 and more
    Perhaps we may see the return of the games infamous 4 / the order 2 / sly cooper 5 / jak and daxter 4 or remake trilogy / ape esacape or remake trilogy

  7. BioShock collection
    Guacamelee 2
    Lord of fallen
    I also have ff7 and re 3 coming once they release . There's so many games to play atm

  8. Shut up you dorks first ! Why you want the PS5 to be succesful? For another The Order? To get another broken indy early release like No Mans Sky? And defend it today but was broken day one and verybody hate it! And you forgot how cheap games like this and Somma that were hideous crap released under Sony´s command. What about The last Guardian? That other hyped retro trash by the low press like yourselves that were put on hold since the PS3. But here comes better what about Death Stranding? Was a jewel for you the swamp press? And what about their biggets failure the VR? You idiots like to get long lasting migraines for hours? You are pathetic.

  9. We got way too many Insecure gamers that are filthy casuals who need social validation. Play on the system that has the games you like , don't sell out for popular social opinion.

  10. The Series X is considerably more powerful not only from a teraflop perspective.

    The system is fundamentally more advanced than the Ps5 is way to many sectors.

  11. Now that we know the PS5 is slower than Xbox Series X, what price is Sony going to charge? Will Sony make their fanboys pay about $500-$600 for the console and the specs don't even match Xbox? Microsoft can crush Sony in the next gen war if they sell a more powerful console at a better price…. Microsoft on track to destroy Sony this next gen

  12. Your "blind loyalty" to a car is actual a bad metaphor. It's more like "blind loyalty" to a Brand of car (Ford, Toyota etc…) at this point. Seeing how neither are released, and there is only 1 system for each company. The PS5 website still says (even in the midst of this CURRENT health crisis) Holiday 2020. I don't know about shortages, or if there there just maybe fewer PS5's at launch or not. I remeber when PS4 came out. I was #36 at the local store that I got mine at. With no problem on release day. Again I don't remember the Xbox release, because I wasn't too hyped about it for the games aspect of it. (That's the only reason)


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