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Half-Life: Alyx is a 2020 virtual reality first-person shooter developed and published by Valve. It is considered by some publications to be the first true AAA VR game. Taking place before the events of Half-Life 2, players control Alyx Vance as she and her father Eli fight the occupying alien Combine.



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  2. i have a 2070 and i had some issues with choppiness but restarting steam vr seemed to fix it and i havent had an issue with load screens the longest i have had was maybe 1:15

  3. There must be something wrong with your disks. Every game where you've complained about long loading times that I've played didn't have loading times longer than 30 seconds. And I use a 5400 RPM HDD, which is almost the worst thing you can play games on.

  4. Forget about Freeman? Forget about VR.

    I will never buy VR, nor will I ever play it. I do not think its healthy or good to have a screen glued to your face. The fact that the technology makes people physically ill is also really bad.

    Its a fad. I do not support fads.

    If you call normal gaming things like "flat" or "pancake" … you're a blithering window licking moron.

  5. Valve is so fucking retarded, New Half Life comes out
    Gets released On a plataform almost no one has
    Honestly being a valve fan hurts

  6. The graphics are great but the explosions suck balls, look kinda cartoon and out of place. The combine just stand there soaking bullets when they should be moving around like people.

  7. Is it really THAT good? Steam concurrent users after launch is around 6000 (at launch it was 45K – still very small). Is it really a HALF-LIFE game with ONLY 3 BASIC WEAPONS? Most of the good stuff people praise it for is just standard VR stuff implemented very well. Oooh I can move stuff on a shelf and I have to manually reload my guns now! We get played out things already done like City 17, shitty version of the Gravity gun, super small basic arsenal, same enemies… Where are the NEW ideas?! I'm sorry but it just doesn't seem that innovative, just a very well done basic VR experience. Should of been a normal game. We waited 13 years and barely anyone can play it. Before anyone says it yes I can afford VR, I just don't want to spend $1000 on something I'm going to barely use.

  8. SO MANY noobs in the comments taking “forget about Freeman” personally and getting offended. It was a level name in the original game FFS.

  9. Oh Christ not Rhys Darby he’s about as funny as an enema. He ruined the What We Do In The Shadows movie and an episode of The X-Files reboot.

  10. come in cooper forget about freeman we have covered our money and pulling out if you have any expansions release it on steam otherwise your fired edit spelling

  11. Half-Life Alyx benefits greatly from being installed on a Solid State Drive. My loading times were fast enough that I never once thought they were too long. If you can afford a computer capable of running this and a VR Headset, an SSD isn't a huge ask. Most modern games I try and play these days take forever to load unless I put them on an SSD anyways.

  12. Yeah this is nice and all…
    But I think what every Half-Life fan wants right now is for Hunt Down the Freeman 2 to come out with VR support and just dominate the VR market!

  13. Yeah Valve… We all love Freeman, so, you give us a game with fn Alex? A chick with as much charisma as a wood plank.. IT PISSES ME OFF ,women dont work as good fps (or any) protagonist, we wanna feel badass, not stupid.

  14. i do agree with you on the combat, this game finally actually had some enjoyable combat and was nonrestrictive in where you can put your head or how close to a wall you can get. the ammo scarcity felt like a tad bit too pressing of a problem while playing and unfortunately as you said the combat sequences were short lived and could do with more enemy variety.

  15. Are you running the game off of a mechanical hard drive? Because I have the game on an SSD and I think the longest loading time I've had is maybe 25-30 seconds max. It's usually around 10-15 seconds.

  16. Hey gman, i'm only at chapter 4 right now, but i haven't experienced ANY stutter or lagging so far. Same goes for the loading times, i'd say they last for 8-9 seconds tops. Anyway great review as always


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