In this video you will learn how to install AD (Active Directory) Service in Windows Server 2012.

The video explain how to convert your machine into Domain Controller step by step.

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  1. Fantastic. Still works, I'm doing this on Windows Server 2016. I was having issues with domain name .internal wouldn't work. Highly would recommend .local if it's for the same local private network.

  2. Thanks for the video but please remember one thing that when you apply any command or action please also explain the reason that why are you doing that? It will help those who are new.

  3. Hi, how can I start the Active Directory Domain Services Configuration Window and Promote a Server to a Domain Controller when I have already close the installation. Many thanks

  4. This video is very informative thank you so much
    I only have one question about DNS ; you said Ip provider DNS is assign to you only for 1 hour and after it changed you will give the DNS that you've created here , what do you mean by that i Can't get it right .

  5. I Followed all the instructions but I can't create forest, the DFS Replication service can't contact the domain controller

  6. I have a serious problem. my dns server recursive query fail!!!. I have configured the forwarder with different isp's dns ip's. and I have not checked the disable recursion radio-button in the advanced tab that is mean that is enabled. I have root hint intact. what the is cause??? and what is the solution?? my os is windows server 2008 r2

  7. make a full tutorial as follows.1) install  VMware workstation ( virtual machine)2) install windows server 2012 3) assign ip addresses to VMware workstation4) install active directory5) install sql server 20126) install failover clustering7) install DHCP AND DNS THANKS

  8. Really This AD Video helped a lot while installing Active Directory……..Thanks TechBrother for making good video.

  9. Please someone should help which application can i create active directory network on for project practical apart from virtual machine. Pls i really need an answer guys

  10. Magnifico!!, Even your English is good and clear.. just a suggestion: put subtitles in English for those who do not speak English well.

  11. Thank you so muc. I also had a few issues, but I worked them out.. GREAT JOB explaining each step.. Thank yo u so much..

  12. Hi, I followed your instructions and finally I installed my first Active Directory oin Windows Server 2012 R2 using a virtual machine – Parallels Desktop 10 yesterday! There were a few mistakes at first but then all the problems were sort out within 2 hours. It was a great success!  Thank you so much for your tutorial! Have a good day! 🙂


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