This tutorial video will show you the easiest method to unlock the HTC One bootloader. You must first download a zip file containing a folder that has necessary files including drivers and fastboot files.
Keep in mind unlocking your bootloader will COMPLETELY wipe your device. Data and internal storage will be completely wiped.


How to Root:

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  1. Please help me!

    C:OneDrivers_FastbootFastboot>fastboot oem get_identifier_token

    FAILED (remote: unknown command)

    finished. total time: 0.005s


    I have HTC Desire 820 dual sim

    Once I accidentally deleted my stock recovery and would like to install TWRP.

    But for that, I have to unlock my bootloader …

    Please, I really need to unlock my bootloader. Help me!

  2. first of all, thanks A LOT for this video. i`ve tried the instructions on linux ubuntu, totally works but the fastboot program downloaded from HTCdev website did not work for some reason, all i had to do was installing fastboot form repos using apt. hope this additional info helps somebody.

  3. Hello everybody. I tried this way something like 10 times and everytime i get this code:
    Error Code: 172.

    Error Reason: CID Not Allowed (MID not exist in Model Rule).

    So for those who tried and succeded, did I missed something? I also tried adb comman : fastboot oem unlock. I get:
    (bootloader) [ERR] Command error !!!

    OKAY [ 0.001s]

    finished. total time: 0.002s

    I have all drivers installed. My phone is an HTC One Max Verizon. So if someone know what i did wrong….


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