LOGIVAN is offering logistics solution that save 30% total shipping costs.

LOGIVAN provides 4.0 logistics services, connecting shippers and a network of empty returned truck nationwide.

LOGIVAN’s mission is to digitize the trucking industry, provide a high-quality automatic truck matching system and thus help to save logistics costs for all Vietnamese businesses.

LOGIVAN develops two transport technology products, LOGIVAN – Shipper and LOGIVAN – Truck Owner.

LOGIVAN apps bring technology solutions to help businesses search and manage trucks online. On the other side, LOGIVAN helps truck owners increase up to 30% of income.

LOGIVAN – Shipper app has more than 20,000 corporate and SME shippers – connects 40,000+ truckers on the platform
$7.9 Million – Budget for operation in 2019
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With LOGIVAN, so no truck will ever run empty
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