Apple’s 2020 MacBook Air comes with the new scissor-switch keyboard the company introduced in the 16-inch MacBook Pro, and the processors have been upgraded to Intel’s new 10th-generation parts. Apple’s also lowered the price by $100, with the new MacBook Air now starting at $999. Nilay Patel has the full review.

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  1. Currently I'm using Dell Inspiron 2-in-1 laptop which is a touch screen laptop. I can see why people love it…But as of now, there is a certain problems with my current laptop….Been thinking about ugrading my laptop to MBA…From the review of the new MBA, most of it are pretty positive so far.. And also its cheaper than new dell laptop like XPS. Can't wait to buy it…

  2. I for one never had issues with the butterfly keyboard. I much prefer it over the older chiclets. If the magic keyboard is anything like the pre-butterfly Chiclets then I will probably miss the butterfly sorely

  3. I’m a regular user. For me, Macbooks aren’t a good replacement for the iPad. iPad is getting where I imagined it to go. Now that we’re having a Magic Keyboard with trackpad, and after the 13.4 iPadOS update with keyboard shortcuts, I don’t need anything else (I just need time for a learning curve, but well, considering the coronavirus lockdown, I have time every day to adapt anyways).

    Igave up on my Macbook Pro and bought a Mac Mini wich actually serves me better than a Macbook 13”. Sad thing is that when I bought the Mac Mini it was more expensive and with less configuration options than today. Anyway, it works fine for me, and I can use MY Keyboard of choice, and a Mouse.

    I don’t think that the Macbook Air will repeat it’s top seller long time record, because we’re reaching a stage where for some customers/people – a laptop computer – isn’t actually necessary.

    Considering the Câmera limitations, here are other limits that apply for the Macbook line is No Apple Pencil Support (yes, it should have by now. I cannot sign documents or redact/markup items on a Macbook). I know it’s crazy but anyway, that wish is as repressed as a touchscreen option.

    Hope you guys are good. Have a great week. Don’t get crazy.

  4. Another boomer starts whining about the touch bar in a video about a computer that doesn't have one, time to tune out.

  5. I like this review. MacBooks definitely last a long time. I had my last one for 5 years and my current MBP is in its fourth year now. But I don't like him comparing the Air to the Pro all the time. Even with the quad-core it is clear from the beginning that the Air ist for students and normal office stuff. Not for Pros… There shouldn't me much discussion about noisy fans while using Lightroom… In comparison, the discussion about comparing it to the iPad Pro should be much louder

  6. Nilay you said iPad Air review by dieter instead of iPad Pro review around the 6:57 mark. Also genuine question, which one would you prefer for sketchup/solidworks and little bit of photoshop?

  7. Chrome is such a battery hog. I can almost double my battery life by using Firefox instead – I also trust it more

  8. Thanks for the real world review! Regarding battery life, i think if you run safari instead of chome, you might get a few more hours. How about the i7 version? Any benefit to i7 vs i5 even with the thermothrottling?

  9. Blaming the laptop for the battery life is not a great idea. Chrome making macbook airs deplete in battery way faster than is normal and then showing off their chrome book line with better battery life (while using chrome for both) seems like an interesting place to be profit wise don’t you think. Use safari and if you ever need something that safari can’t do, use chrome briefly then quit it again. Or use the new edge which runs on chromium and in my experience gets better battery life than chrome ever can

  10. I’ll be joining for computer and software engineering soon. So I’m planning to buy a macbook. But i don’t know which one to go for. Macbook air or Macbook pro? Hope anyone could help me. Thanks


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