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  1. I buyed them. Played half season adidas stickers both came off the black part ripped im telling you guys not worth buying !

  2. i found them on sale for €35 from €80.honestly i love them.they are what i believe the best takedown from adidas

  3. I have 18.3 and tbh there so comfy and I’m not just saying that because I have them they are rlly comfy I would recommend

  4. Going to play in my office inter department match next week, so I shop around for cheap cleats that I'd be wearing probably once every 3 months at most..

    the nearest local mall near me only have X 18.3 on sale for around $45 , some 4th grade Puma Ones and Nike Vapor 12 club for around $30

    and that's how I ended up with one of this.. hopefully it won't perform very badly


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