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The Predator 20+ is crazy, perhaps too crazy for a lot of people, but the concept behind the boot and unique performance characteristics that it has on offer are undeniably appealing. Enter the Adidas Predator Mutator 20.1, the $225 option which adds a lacing system and a number of other changes that make it a less extreme, but arguably a better overall football boot!

In this video we go over all the details of the new Predator 20.1, compare it to its laceless brother, and talk about why “Power” boots are finally back! Judge for yourself, but I’m pretty excited about these! Would you rather wear the Predator 20+ or 20.1?

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  1. People that are hating on the collar: sorry to break it you but lace-less shoes and ankle protection along with extremely light, durable materials are the future for sports footwear. Although not directly marketed to rugby players, a lot, if not all, use football boots. These collars help with ankle stability and increase safety and support (which is good for fútbol/soccer as well). Adidas will not forget about a sport that is starting to make its mark in the sports market, particularly after Olympic exposure (again) and the introduction of MLR in the United States.

  2. Have you tried the 20.1 AG? I'm intrigued as it looks like a one-piece soleplate more similar to the 20.2 than the 20.1

  3. I've got the 20.1 ag , first wear I felt it is too tight around midfoot , is it OK to take the laces out ?
    becuase I loosened them to the point that has no effect anymore and felt taking them won't be a problem for my fit , i used to wair ace 17+ laceless and fits me perfectly ..

  4. I need some advice. I really like laceless cleats and I found a good deal on amazon of the adidas predator 18+ for 100$ but I found a 40% dicount on the 20.1; should i go with the lacless 18+ or the 20.1 or pay alot for the 20+?

  5. Ordering from your site since I live in Europe is 100USD shipping! Is there no other possible shipping solution or are just overseas very expensive shipping?

  6. Just got the mutator 20.1 lowcut today. They feel very tight on the instep upon first trying them on. I hope this will go away or they stretch. Did you notice the 20+ being less tight here?


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