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WordPress Duplicator plugin quickly moves or backups your WordPress site

The WordPress duplicator plugin migrates your WordPress site to a new location quickly and easily. It also takes care of serialized strings. You can use it for backing up your sites as well.

Grab your free 17-Point WordPress Pre-Launch PDF Checklist:

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  2. Thanks for this very useful guide. I really like the pace of your delivery and the knowledge that you impart. Many thanks, Arthur

  3. Great tutorial – Im about to do this… question – does it matter if there is a wordpress website there already? Ie when I upload the new site will it overwrite the old site?

  4. hey, amazing video, super helpful!! While, trying to migrate the website to a different domain, we downloaded the archive file but we didnt download the installer.php file. Can we still do the migration using duplicator? It would be great if you could help us out,

  5. you are a life saver i thought i lost my whole website mid transition but your guide helped me through and saved the day!

  6. Thanks alot, it worked very well! Great to get your explainations for different aspects that one might want to take into account. It saves you a lot of time on Google 🙂

  7. good job – good pace, thorough, highlight critical elements – I am sure the issue is me and my lack of ability – snag for me was surprising as my migration was simple, page from one domain to another, did not get it done.

  8. Very good explanations, one more question, if I like move site, with same domain, but to another host, how I can do that ?

  9. I am gettin the following error at 9:27:
    WARNING: Can't extract files

    FILE: wp-content/themes/oceanwp/languages/

    Message: ZipArchive::extractTo(/home/horizonm/public_html/wp-content/themes/oceanwp/languages/ failed to open stream: Disk quota exceeded

    FILE: wp-content/themes/oceanwp/languages/zh_CN.po

    Message: ZipArchive::extractTo(/home/horizonm/public_html/wp-content/themes/oceanwp/languages/zh_CN.po): failed to open stream: Disk quota exceeded

    My disk quota has not been exceeded. Its 589.26 MB / 1,000 MB (58.93%) at the moment

  10. Hi! Love the video, but I have an issue, where I received the site zipped from the creator.. so I don't have an installer… ;( how do I go about re-installing it.. (it was created using the divi plugin from elegant themes)


  11. Geez Bjorn, thanks a bunch for this tutorial! I built my own site, great to have it up and running. I'll surely follow your other tutorials. Regards, Johan.

  12. instruction unclear, If you are moving wordpress site from localhost you will find at least 3 or 4 more problems that you will have to dig solution alone, so you basicly watching this video for nothing, you should state in video title "WordPress Duplicator plugin quickly moves or backups your WordPress site FROM ANOTHER WEBSITE, NOT LOCALHOST", dislike

  13. Thanks, that was massively useful. But now my URL doesn't go to the home page, it still goes to the hosting company's 'under construction' placeholder. I've tried everything I dare that I know how to do, but it won't resolve itself. Help! Anyone!
    (By the way, all my other pages show up just fine, it's only the home page.)

  14. If i want to move my old website named "" to "" will this plugin work to do that also based on what you said in 14:00 ? Or do i need to rename all files and domain name separately with a different plugin?

  15. Awesome video. I watched the one doing it manually within cPanel, did everything right, but wasn't working (I was installing on a subdomain, which I think was the problem). BUT THIS!!! This video helped me transfer a site like a charm. Color me Ecstatic

  16. Depending on where you are migration from, there are a couple more steps. 1. If you are coming from your localhost or another domain you must edit the first two entries in the wp_options table. 2. Often you must change the "permalinks" setting "save" and return it back to its original setting to get WP to be willing to view all pages. But this was a great video.

  17. Hey thanks for the Video it's really helpful. but when I go to my domain link for installing like u do in 7.42 min of video. it says 403 error forbidden. can you please help me with that.

  18. having issues with I/O usage when installing the site into the hosting min 13:14 i get timeout error, and from what i've read, is due to I/O Usage reaching the limit, which for me is 1mb

  19. Hi 🙂 Thanks for the great really helpful video. After Duplicator has scanned my site under Files/ Size Checks it has a Notice and says Size: 806.35MB | File Count: 35,316 | Directory Count: 5,971 So that's a lot of files. 🙂 but under that under Quick Filters it says they're all under 3 Mb. Would this likely cause problems for me to relocate the site to a different provider? I'm using 1&1 IONOS now. I haven't been using the site but just did some fill in graphics and content as placeholders. Now I downloaded all the media files but that's only 21 Mb. See what else I can find. 🙂 Thanks for your help.

  20. I get "The file you uploaded, installer.php, contains a virus so the upload was canceled: SiteLock-PHP-FILEHACKER-aga.UNOFFICIAL FOUND" when trying to upload installer.php. I'm using hostgator to host. Not sure if the virus is real or another trick by hostgator to make you pay up for cleanup. Did anyone else face this?

  21. Everything went well until I got to step 4 of Duplicator where it asks you to go to "Admin Login" – when I click on it a plugin causes an error that starts like this: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in (path) …..very frustrating. How do you handle this error? The plugin that is causing the error is Elementor-Caldera-Forms. My sites main form design was created with this plugin so I hate to just dump it and start over. Any suggestions? Basically I cannot even get into my admin panel.

  22. Some of the best tutorials regarding this "techie stuff" on the internet. Well explained. Good pacing. Not a bunch of unnecessary talking. I have learned so much from these videos, which has helped me make a lot more money.

  23. Just watched to refresh. One little issue I came across (my fault, not yours Bjorn). When I downloaded the pair of files I already had an installer.php (well 2 actually in my download folder). So the installer file was named installer (3).php. When i entered it returned a 404. Soon as I renamed installer (3).php to installer.php in my C Panel all good. Cheers buddy.

  24. Hey man. Suggest making a second channel and placing all German tuts on that channel. I was listening to a Nick Nimmin Podcast and he was discussing this. Great video.


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