Join me on a Mission today to Hunt down the best Bargains on some Yeezy new release BLACK RELECTIVE 2019 and maybe some off whites too oh yeah so get ready and put your game face on
and LET’S GO !!!!

Thank You for watching another Fake Market Adventures with the Big Bo$$ Big Baht

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country for a chance to win all these Yeezy and off whites i have bargain for in this Episode

I need Help got to much stuff my room is getting nuts need to find Winners

Good Luck Everyone and will be release allot more exciting Vlogs soon





  1. This is so funny tony says his from america, he should just say hes from china as hes not american,funny thing is the forigners speak better english then him yet hes living in america😂😂😂

  2. Keep videos coming. Look forward that next Thailand ones. #freebie

  3. Calicoe 313 thank you so much for the kind words my friend happy you agree with me in Vietnam 👍 I will check out your channel with your song asap and Subscribe and support you as you do for me I am doing a Cinematic Drone Videos of all the Scenic location and in need of music for it so you and whoever's out there trying to put out their tracks hit me up good luck on the giveaway to buddy really want you to win the Epic Shirts or some cool prizes 🥳🎁

  4. You are the man I love Thailand and your tips are priceless.I can tell you Vietnam produce better copy’s then China you are the OG check out my music Calicoe songs I think the song 10/4 you will like it Peace.

  5. Good one Tony ! Just saw this and gosh you read my mind about the first 2 pairs of yeezy – reflective glow in dark black and also lime green are both ace ! Hope you can find cheaper at pattaya and see you at singapore soon !! #freebiessingapore 1k subs party woooooo !

  6. ​ C-Nice oh cool i am having a big grand 1000 Subscribers party on walking street around mid of August your invited my friend and to all you haters come too when we drink and get fucked up together our ENGLISH for sure gonna be not to good LOL but for real ill keep you posted C-Nice and thank you so much for the support my friend drinks on me that night we gonna film HANGOVER 69 in the Land of Smiles 💃🏻😎🍾🎂

  7. Always say you gonna buy more like 100 they start lowering the price really fast and yes you got jacked I pay $60 probably got jacket too


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