This is the legendary Zippo 1941 Vintage Replica lighter that is an awesome gift idea or just a must-have item for any dude. At less than $25 MSRP it’s an absolute amazing value!

This video features an unboxing, demonstration and comparison of the vintage to current version of the classic Zippo design.

Visit Zippo’s website for more info

This video production is for demonstration purposes and product review with intentions under US Fair Use criteria. Please always read & follow all warnings and safety instructions from the manufacturer.

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  1. Does anyone know if the HINGE on the 1941 replica is any sturdier and less wiggly than the one in a regular modern Zippo?

  2. While filling you can put inner chamber over the extirior one ,so that liquid does not drip out on your desk or whatever! PS-on this vintig you can the opening / top put all to the extirior chamber .and in the new ones you can do it only half the way! Got all the info befor I got it, and waited for it 3 months!!! But it was worth it!!!

  3. I have mine zippo vintage crome 1941 as you have! Its a very good lighter and many little diferrences from the now day zippo makes it all more valuable/dear to me!! Great video!!!

  4. Please note…During my comparison I failed to mention that the “1941” Zippo also has fewer chimney holes than the modern version. I will try to edit that in!


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